“When the financial crisis hit, capital wasn’t available to our business. MSG stepped up and helped solved our problems. MSG is a group of quality people who do what they say. They have an understanding of the issues facing small business and are creative in the way they look at transactions.”

Jeff – Chairman, Golf Course Company

“After the BP oil spill I wasn’t sure if my restaurant would be able to survive. Prices for seafood sky rocketed and it became difficult to acquire inventory while the cleanup commenced. MSG gave me a custom tailored advance based on my business’ preferences, which was unlike any other company. Words cannot express how beneficial this was for me.”

Chad – Bar Owner

“I was going through a rough patch with my small business. I needed $50,000 to buy inventory in order to double my money, since I was going into my busiest season. A broker from MSG called one day and offered to help me out; it was the best decision I ever made.

Joseph – Restaurant Owner

“My experience with MSG all started when the President and CEO Billy Morrissey along with Vice President Steven Desiderio walked through my doors to have lunch. I couldn’t have been happier and not because they were great patrons but because of the company they represented a stone’s throw away from my location. It was the heart of the economic crisis, and I needed help. I have been working with them ever since and have never had to worry again. My only regret is not meeting them earlier. Thank you.”

Bobby – Bar Owner